Only in its second year in Canada, MOVEMBER – the month long moustache growing bonanza that raises money for prostate cancer research – has already raised over $1,000,000! “More guys are rocking hot mo’s” explains Shawn Hewson, Bustle Clothing Designer and Project Runway Canada Judge. In the background of our over-the-phone down low on the ‘mo, I can hear the buzz of the razor. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz; apparently guys are going really like to take on this challenge; a secret desire that brings out their more bad-ass side. But are all those Movember mo’s hot? How does one ensure they don’t have a lame ‘mo, like your pubic hair peach fuzz friend in grade eight? Hewson advises “to make use of the existing five o’clock shadow when growing the moustache and use the Phillips 9 in 1 to achieve a good updated version. After all, the seventies are behind us.”

Beyond independently raising big bucks, Hewson lets us know that there will be “a serious mo-down”, this Thursday at the Phoenix. What exactly is a moe-down? Kinda sounds dirty but he explains that it is a party where various moustache teams congregate in costume, dance and get their staches sized up. Last year groups of men came with French baguettes and barets, or as huddles of Magnum PI or Miami Vice squads. Amidst the knocking back beers, twiddling each others facial hair and doing a moustache dance move, there will be a panel of celebrity judges that will pick the winning moustache of Movember. Guys will be judged on spirit, costume, how far they’ve gone with the stache and how have they properly maintained it.

We’ve got our Booby Balls, Breast Film Fests, Tits ‘r Us, and Bust Brigades – so let’s hear it for the boys in their facial hair-fighting quest to cure Prostate Cancer and show them our support with some stache-cash and fuzzy kisses.