We knew it was going to be busy but not THAT busy. Wow. You could hardly move around Queen West’s Dr. Marten store last week. RAMMED. Who was there? Like, everyone. Bands and musicians included Hollerado, Tokyo Police Club, Buck 65 and Diamond Rings. Much Music VJ Liz Trinnear looked extra sharp with a studded hairband and the Beckerman twins posed for pics as Degrassi cast members munched on Dr. Marten shoe cookies. And yes, fashion bloggers came in droves. You have never seen so many hammed up photo poses in one small space. “Snap me next to these floral docs! Okay, how about I just kind of look away while you shoot my profile against these studded ones? Shall I put the cupcake in my mouth? Wait, delete that, I think I need to tilt my head a bit.” It was that mixed with beer mixed with eight-hole shoe adoration. Oh yeah, and a photo exhibit of first looooooooooove.

Some smart marketing person made a really good decision to engage fashion bloggers coast to coast by asking them to submit an instagram photo that depicted their interpretation of first love. Canadian fashion bloggers who participated included Corduroy, Final Fashion, Jay Strut, Lainey Gossip, Textstyles, The F Word, Urbanebloc, yours truly and MORE. Some people sent pics of lattes with hearts, others showed dusty beach scenes and I submitted a photo of of me lying in a knit doghouse with my ass cheek hanging out of a pair of cut-offs. Unfortunately, I didn’t really notice that my bum was exposed until I arrived and saw it blown up hanging on the wall. Ooops.

Why this pic? Well, my first kiss was had in a basement fort made out of pillows. Me and my little boyfriend crawled in, counted to ten and then smooched. Although I still like making out in secret cozy spaces, it’s not always easy with my rather long limbs. I try though. I do try.

The event was a huge success and the collection of Dr. Martens this spring is pretty exciting. Whether you like an antique floral look or some punky studded shit kickers, there is a pair of Docs that will suit your style. Patent pink, Swarovski encrusted, 3-inch Doc pumps: things have come a long way since you were scuffing around in your six-holed cherries listening to Nirvana’s Teen Spirit and scribbling dirty messages on your Finder Binder.

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)