My Etsy Shop: Barn and Forest

Spring has finally sprung! Birds are chirping, iced bevies are flowin’ and anxious brides everywhere are gearing up for their big day. This April, we’re profiling Etsy wedding sellers we love. Kicking off the month is BC-based shop Barn and Forest that specializes in handmade wooden objects and products.

SDTC: What do you make? 

B&F: We create custom wood products from beautiful reclaimed wood in British Columbia, Canada which we ship internationally. Whether you’re looking for reclaimed wood materials for a DIY project or want us to provide you with a finished product complete with your printed design, Barn and Forest has something to suit your unique needs. We offer everything from reclaimed slabs aged over 500 years to authentic wood paper products that are either blank or customizable with premium print services. 

SDTC: How has your business grown over the years? 

B&F: As a fairly new company, we haven’t stopped growing since we opened our business in 2014. We’re passionate about finding and offering all kinds of reclaimed wood items. Our current focus is on using wood materials for products where paper has traditionally been used. Our Etsy shop is geared towards smaller, more detailed wood pieces that can be used for crafts or premium stationery alternatives. It’s hard for people to find high quality authentic wood materials for things like restaurant menus, wedding invitations, or product labels. We want to expand more into this field, and since introducing the option for customers to send us their unique designs to have printed on these products, we’ve found this is an area with increasing demand.

SDTC: What are your top sellers? Who is buying them? 

B&F: Our newest products are really well suited for a formal event like a wedding, where you can have invitations, menus, wine labels, and coasters all created from real wood and customized with your printed initials. We sell to a lot of brides, and since our products can be ordered online, we find they are purchased from customers all over the world.

SDTC: What makes a wedding truly memorable? 

B&F: It’s all about attention to details! Add customization where most people use something generic. This includes something as simple as wine labels printed with the couple’s names. Choose a high quality and durable material for these items so they can become take home mementoes from the event and help keep the memories alive for years to come.

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