Where do you live: Currently living back at the ol’ homestead in Kitchener-Waterloo for the summer to save some cash, then hopefully signing a lease to a house in the Filmore’s area where I hope to make some ~interesting~ friends.
What do you do: Like many others on here I am in the BJ program at Ryerson (that’s Bachelor of Journalism, get your mind out of the gutter), and can’t believe I’m entering my third year already. I’m currently working at a consignment shop in Kitchener for the summer.
Favourite places to shop: Honestly, anywhere with a killer sale on, but Talize and Value Village are my thrift staples. I also might love grocery shopping more than anything in the world (including clothes shopping). You are likely to find me huddled amongst $0.97 berries on sale at any given grocery store with several thousand coupons at hand.
Music: Always changing and expanding, but currently I’m exceptionally into Rusko, The XX, Toro Y Moi, Atmosphere, Major Lazer, Caribou, Fred Falke, Fake Blood, Empire of the Sun, and quality dubstep remixes of Lady GaGa songs.
Perfect Friday Night: My Fridays are usually pretty low-key because Saturdays are my “going out night.” I can usually be found driving my lovably wasted friends to their bar of choice on a Friday night, and subsequently cuddling with my two dogs afterward until the wee hours of the morning.
Secret style weapon: My red cowboy boots with black and silver straps/bangles.They jingle so much you can almost hear me from down the block. I’ve had people yell “NICE BOOTS” at me from across grocery stores; whether they’re being sarcastic or not, I take it as a compliment.
Where did you get them: My mother got them for my sister from Value Village but she never wore them so I took them.
Why do you love them?: I love accessorizing shoes and these were the first pair I did successfully. They’re a good conversation starter and I’ve started to become somewhat recognized for them in my regular Saturday night bar.
If you lost them you would: Be forced to hunt for another pair but would likely never find some for a price I would be willing to pay. I’d also cry because they’ve grown to have somewhat of a sentimental value.
Website: I have twitter but have no idea how to use it, I just use old school facebook and email. www.facebook.com/nataliya.schafer