In the market for a new JOB?

Bunz app now provides the opportunity for people to find work, businesses to find employees and a forum to discuss the often-unstable job market with others in your area. “The ‘gig economy’ is very real, and we know that a good chunk of the community sustains itself in this way,” says Eli Klein, Bunz Community Manager. “While Bunz is sure to feature careers as well (there’s a CBC job up right now actually), we predict the content of the feed (much like the FB groups) to be more gig-driven, sourced from your neighbours and curated, in a way, to help the community as a whole. Jobs on Bunz puts real people at the core of both sides of the employment equation.”

Bunz also hopes this move gives people a better shot at finding long-term careers by connecting them with others who can help develop their skills. “Employers find good people on Bunz because it’s a captive audience of willing workers, people who are often looking to pick up gigs here and there to supplement their income,” says Klein. “There’s also the general Bunz ethos that permeates the community – one of community, self-betterment through helping each other out, and the general desire to see everyone move ahead in life. We find that employers coming to Bunz often have that same mentality, and so the fit is natural.”

The Bunz community is vocal about things like transparency, ethical business practices and living wages. These will factor in to the dialogue. You’ll be able to search for meaningful employment, while businesses can post their opportunities and have access to motivated, talented Bunz community members.

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