New brand launch: bamjamz

by Zoe Shapiro
Though I aspire to be a diligent and committed laundry folder and organizer, the time has come to admit that if it doesn’t belong on a hanger, I’d rather just be doing something else. I have gazed in wonder at the regimented pj/workout clothes/ post-work lounge gear/ sections so neatly separated in friends’ wardrobes and felt shame at my inadequacy. This is one of many reasons I’m loving bamjamz. It’s all of the above and I’m absolved of calling this laziness.

The new line, launched this month by Holt Renfrew, is the latest take on hip comfy sleepwear that doubles up as cosy loft-side lounging and yoga class attire. It’s made from a bamboo stretch fabric which besides being ultra comfy, is the most sustainable crop in the world. Green clothing without having to work the hackey-sac-granola-chic look is a big plus in my book! It does all the important stuff for when you’re sweating while strengthening your core (wicks moisture, controls odour etc…) but is fundamentally light enough to sleep in too. So you can use it for whatever you need when the pile of laundry is daunting…

Check out the first funky prints at Holts and sweet dreamz…or lounging…or pilating…

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