Facemask selfies. White nails. Smiley faces. Rainbows. Aerial view coffee shop tables. Fingers on books. Fingers on magazines. Bad Day Mag. Adult Mag. Kinfolk. Matching nail polish. Pink fabric. Tea. Cigarettes. Big sunglasses. Selfies in bed. Oversized t-shirts. White sneakers. Trinity Bellwooods. The sky. Clouds. Sunsets. Sunrises. I love my city post. Light. Light against the wall. Shadows. Plants. Street signs. Zoomed-In neon signs.

Screenshot (185)

Outfits at Whole Foods. Outfits on Bloor Street. Outfits on Queen West. Dundas West. The Churchill. Queen West. Bloor West. King West. More smiley faces. Legs. Naked legs. Naked. Jeans. Topless with jeans. Cats. Smoothies. Skinny cigarettes. Denim. Summer. TBT. Childhood. Parents. Big white sneakers. Converse high tops. Vans. Nike. Air Max 90s. The colour pink. SoHo House slot machine pictures. No Fun stickers. Naked people. Butts. Ass. Vaginas. Tits. Glory Hole Donuts. Seven Lives Taco. Beaconsfield. The Drake. Gladstone. Red Light. Painted Lady. Lakeview. Food porn. Rainbows. Cartoons. Alternative patterns. Art. Words. Being Ironic. Pizza. Cupcakes. Funny license plates. Dogs on the street. Shoes. Hotdog legs. Floral. Flowers. Geometric shapes. Bright textures.

Screenshot (188)

Big Gulp. 7-Elleven. Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola t-shirts. Palm trees. Feminist books. Sand. Concrete. Wooden tables. Lovers. Boyfriends. Husbands. Girlfriends. Brothers. Sisters. Parents. Best friends. Old friends. Home.

Screenshot (187)

Bad hair day. Good hair day. Hands on cups. Hands on books. Hands writing things. Hands drawing things. Hands holding things. Latte art. Latte smiley faces. Latte hearts. Latte everything. Coffee. Roncesvalles. Old man. Old woman. Homeless people. Shop owners. Teachers. Barbers. Artists. DJ. Sem-famous DJ. Friend’s DJ. Everyone’s a DJ. Weldon Park. More coffee. Too much coffee. Pink bathroom doors. Street art. Graffiti. Spud. Ossington. You’ve Changed. Honest Ed’s. Food truck. Food Festivals. Food everywhere. Brunch. Brunch. Brunch. More brunch. Brunch forever. Aerial brunch. Sideways brunch. Upside down brunch. Paper. School. Homework. Books. Old books. New books. Pens. Pay day. Fresh vegetables. Kensington. Pie. Churros. Vintage clothing. Hipsters. Health goths. Hippies. Basic bitch. Preppy. Nerds. Bros. OOTD. Long hair. Man buns. Ombre. Shaved. Fresh. Fly. Swank. Turnt up. Dope. Weed. Baked. Baked goods. Allan Gardens. Therapy. Green stuff. Cactus. Nature. Drake. Drake at the basketball game. Drake hugging basketball players. Drake wearing weird stuff. Beyonce. Jay-Z. Emojis. Palm trees.

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On a bike. On the streetcar. On the subway. On the street. Fences. Pools. Dundas pool. 416 Snackbar. Cool people. Old cool people. Really cool people. Leather jackets. Ice cream. Sneakers. Scarves. Gloves. Jackets. Rings. Purses. Medication. Pills. Reading. We the North. Basketball. Raptors. Blue Jays. People’s Eatery neon sign. Bar Fancy neon sign. AGO. Basquiat. First Thursdays. Concerts. Now Magazine. RIP The Grid. Closed signs. Open signs. Hair salon. Yoga. More yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Dancing. Running. Nike. Adidas tracksuit. 5K. 10K. 15K. Whatever. Tipsy. Drunk. Too Drunk. Barfing. Hungover. Kombucha. Sober. Burnt out. Tired. Sad. Impatient. Hope. Sleep. Busy. Not busy. Bored. Social. Extrovert. Introvert. Night. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Dark. Drinks. Rum. Coke. Close up face. Close up eye. Close up lips. Bellybutton. Hip. Tattoo. New tattoo. Old tattoo. Tattoo artist. Tattoo artist’s friend. Tattoo artist’s crew.

Screenshot (186)

Internet hole.

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday again. Not reading. Distracted. ADD. Amnesia. Anxiety. Depression. Drawings. Doodles. Cropped. With border. Wide. Narrow. Clarify. Exposure. Saturate. No filter. Load. Battery low. Screen shot. Tag. Location. Hashtag. Hashtag again. Too much caption. No caption. Upload. Delete. Repeat. Fuck Jerry. Lol.

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Internet famous. Still broke.


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