Being a tech geek, I am easily excited by the kajillion really cool innovative apps out there. I try to love each one of them equally, but I can’t help but appreciate a good app that’s a.) Beautiful to look at b.) Works when I when I need it to and c.) USEFUL.

Here are some great apps that qualify for all the above.


For those of us that never seem to have the time to browse for the right gift, this app offers best-in-class services, products and experiences in all price ranges. From delicious Desmond & Beatrice cupcakes, premium juice cleanses to a private tour of the ROM, you can send a giftagram to anyone via text or email. They enter their own delivery info and voilà! your gift is delivered to them within 2-3 days.


Instead of sifting through outlet stores in Buffalo, or waiting year-round for my favourite designer items to go on sale, I use Gilt.  For years,  I’ve had the fashion e-commerce site bookmarked, but the Gilt app means I can shop while on the TTC.  It’s simple, elegant and takes sale shopping to a whole new level.


This is the best way to get a reliable cab service quickly. Not only can you see who your driver is, their info, and how long it will take them to arrive, but they will also text you when they get there. There’s no cash required, making the experience much safer and simpler. What makes UBER have a one-up over other companies doing the same thing is that besides a taxi, you can pick what type of car you need for those special occasions (e.g. an SUV, a fancy sedan or a luxury ride). They also have a “Split Your Fare” option for those everyone-squeezes-into-a-cab kind of nights.


For anyone looking for a job, this is the most comprehensive, simple-to-use app.

Instead of searching all over the internet on a million different employment sites, Indeed has done an amazing job of compiling it all into one place. It saves the top categories you search for, and updates you with how many new postings there are every time you open the app. Makes job searching even kind of fun. Maybe.


Zomato launched in Toronto last Tuesday and is going to change how you make your Saturday night reservation. It’s the most comprehensive restaurant guide for when you are standing on College or Queen West, with countless options. It shows what’s around you, gives you the quick n’ dirty – menu, pics, reviews, ratings, an option to call, and coming soon, you can even pay for your meal! Try it.