There are certain things that arouse holiday excitement in me every year: a few bars from Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy Dance and my heart begins to sing; watching Kevin McCallister scream after slapping on his dad’s aftershave instantly transports me to Christmas past; the taste of eggnog; the crinkly unwrapping of a Ferrero Rocher – there are so many wonderful notes that colour the season! As an adult, I’ve added many new sights and sounds to my beloved symphonic version of Christmas. Without a doubt, attending City of Craft has become the newfound tradition that I look forward to most year after year.

Like a child visiting Santa’s Workshop, I felt pure magic wandering into City of Craft. The colours, the art, the work, the heart: it’s palpable in every step, and each booth radiates a warmth and originality that truly captures the wonder of Christmastime.

This December marked the tenth anniversary of Toronto’s biggest indie craft fair, and to celebrate, City of Craft brought together sixty of the city’s finest makers.

Photographer Kate Killet trudged through the snow to catch the final hours of this colourful event and directed her lens at both the big picture and the intricate small details. Every stitch and every drop of ink offers a little insight into the imaginations of some of Toronto’s most offbeat creative thinkers.

To check out a complete list of vendors, go here. Until next time!