Earlier this month, Glossier, the beauty and skincare company launched by Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss, took over a vacant shop on Queen Street West to host a seven-day pop-up. Every day that week, lines formed between Dovercourt and Ossington with stylish babes waiting to step into the pink box full of the latest Glossier offerings. 

We first met Emily a few years back when she was hosting an event at Holt Renfrew, before she created Glossier. During her latest pop-up, we had a chance to stop by and chat with her about her Glossier empire. On both occasions, we were struck by how approachable and warm she was.

In the few minutes we had together, Emily talked about Glossier’s “phase 3,” which was unveiled last week: “Phase 1 was skin care and hair, phase 2 was makeup, and phase 3 is body,” said Emily, who has the glowiest complexion I’ve ever seen. “We have a shower oil and perfecting body cream…and it is HEAVEN. The oil is made with seven oils – super emollient, very concentrated, and it’s water-free and soap-free, so it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. It makes you soft and the scent is inspired by French beauty products.” 

Curious to know a little bit about her creative process, I asked her if she envisions faces as palettes, imagining different brow shapes or lip colours on women she meets. “No. I’m not a makeup artist. I think Glossier encourages women to become experts of their own routines and curate their cabinets to create a beauty thumbprint.”

When asked what she loves best about Glossier, the powerhouse CEO had this to say: “I love making people happy. I mean, how cool is it to do what you love, and the thing you love makes so many people smile.” Emily, we love you. 

Did you make it out last week? If you didn’t, you can still order Glossier products in Canada. Check Kate Killet’s pics below! Have fun exploring

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