Truly, we look forward to the day when we can casually stroll into the Pink Tartan flagship in Yorkville and buy whatever we fancy off the rack. Although a wee bit out of our price range designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran always gives us ample to dream about.

Sophisticated tailoring with classic lines and just a hint of playfulness: Pink Tartan is fashion for the elegant and graceful woman who always looks polished. There aren’t many like her who actually exist but most of us aspire to portray her, or that role, sometimes. (Fashion is costume, darling.)

The SS14 collection had a lot of white: white tulip dresses, white blazers, white pencil suits. All we could think of was red wine. What we did want was all the black and white checks and stripes and especially noticed the leathery pant suit that looked wet. I guess Pink Tartan has a naughty side after all.

As for the crowd, well it was a fashion party! Anything and everything goes.