Last Friday, the Design Exchange welcomed guests for DX Presents: PlastiScene. It was a chance for party-goers to check out the current Classic Plastics exhibit but also proved to be a raging dance party in the middle of the financial district.

We drank Ace Hill beer, ate snacks from Parts & Labour, and snapped pics in the sparkly installation by Eleanor King, Emanuel Pavao and Char Da Silva of Milk GlassCo. In between making friends and spinning through lights, we noticed bizarre clips of retro Canadian television projected on the wall, including Record Friend from Size Small Island. It was trippy.

Sitting in the window of the old stock exchange, which looks onto the towers of Bay Street, was a refreshing change from our usual west end bar hangs. Following, we exited the street and checked out Contact photo exhibits in the BCE Place and hit Fran’s for some late night lemon meringue pie. The evening was as perfect as it sounds.

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