What happens in a Grey Goose party at Soho House during TIFF? To summarize: vodka, pose, hug, kiss, “omg-hiii!”, vodka, pose, kiss-kiss, “what, you’re here?!! OMG!”, vodka, pose, tweet, kiss, fix dress, “hun, you have lipstick on your teeth,” awkward hug, forced hug, kiss, vodka, pose, tweet. More vodka. MORE VODKA, PLZ. But only Grey Goose.

Lion, Jackie, Colossal, Before The Flood: it’s been night after night of premiere parties inside the Soho House on Adelaide Street. With some of the biggest films of TIFF, the A-list guest list was impressive.

Nicole Kidman, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Anne Hathaway, Anne Haiche, Leo: they all ducked in to hug, sip, kiss and get snapped. Of course, there were probably big deals struck, heated political discussions, maybe some flirting and feuds, but first, vodka.

Go inside and see for yourself.

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