It’s been exactly one year since I entered the World MasterCard Fashion Week tents for the first time. And while I may finally understand the whole, find-my-seat-in-a-timely-manner (it’s harder than you’d think!) thing, there are still many firsts for me to experience. 

This year, I’m checking out collections I have never seen IRL, starting with Pink Tartan. When I think about the Pink Tartan woman, I picture the ladiest of all the ladies. And this collection filled that expectation, but with a twist. A video of a blonde bobbed and bold browed model wielding a bat opened the show and set the tone—these women meant business. 

The collection was rife with winter florals, fur details, and even some athletic pieces made of emerald mesh and neoprene. Full-skirted dresses ready for hosting a dinner party were accessorized with elbow-length leather gloves and large fur collars, making the look just about as feminine as can be.

But the thing about me is, I do not dress like a lady in the sense that I don’t like to look overly girly. For this reason, I know a lot of Pink Tartan’s designs are not for me; but what wasfor me was the leopard babydoll (I am a ’90s addict) beneath an oversized fur coat. I also really liked the leather fronted/knit backed sweater dress that looked like the perfect piece to wear all autumn long. 

My hat is off to Kimberley Newport-Mimran (who I like to refer to as Lady Mimran because she’s obvi such a lady) for creating a cohesive collection that tells a story about a Stepford Housewife that isn’t taking shit from anyone. We’re the ladies!