Playlist of Procrastination

Good for a giggle or a midweek groove. A palate cleanser of utter irrelevance. A countdown of internet awesomeness. Enjoy!

6. Josephine Baker’s Banana Dance. Makes the list because a) hearing the words “banana dance” is awesome unto itself and hearing someone with an RP accent say it is that much sweeter and b) it’s a history lesson: clearly is the raunchy predecessor to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ moves.

5. Kanye meets classical. Get down. Intensely.

4. I’m definitely a dog person but if I were to warm to a feline, it would be this one. Behold! Ninja Cat!

3. This video has all of my favourite things. Bitty British people. Wizards. Meta publishing industry allusions. Sarcasm. Can’t really go wrong…

2. This is a cover of my favourite Fleet Foxes song by two Swedish chicks in the woods. It both takes me to a zen music place and makes me contemplate ditching my metropolitan life to go be one with nature. Then I remember my beloved pink suede, fringed shoeboots cannot be exposed to Swedish mud.

1. If my flat were burning, along with photos and prized possessions I would rescue this video. I don’t know what’s the best part; the lisp? the cheeks? the eyebrows (in all their glory at the end of the vid)? But when it sounds like a mini seizure when he says ‘shnookum’ (at 0:17 second mark) I just about die and go to fat kid heaven.


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