SDTC’s guide to this week’s pop cultural moments be they inspirational or debilitating.

by Zoe Shapiro

1. Bachelor Pad premiere – This is television crack. It’s really unhealthy, totally addictive and we’re ashamed to admit what we’re doing to our friends. Tune in for the series premiere on Monday night to see faces from old bachelor and bachelorette series behave badly in pursuit of sex and money. Or money and sex. Whatever; it’s gonna be super classy either way.

2. Burlesque trailer – Calling all girls and gays! The trailer for Cher and Christina’s upcoming film is now out. Expect the usual ‘small town girl comes to the big city and makes good’ except now with nipple tassels and vocal gymnastics!

3. Mad Man app for Iphone – Do you revere Jackie O? Neglect your children? Is Grace Kelly your style icon? Basically, are you trying to BE Betty Draper in any and all ways possible? Good news iphone users; download the brand new MadMen Cocktail Culture app for an extensive guide and game to the retro drinks from the show (hint: you don’t have to pay the $1.99 for the game in order to get the cocktail recipes). You’ll soon be loving and fearing the tall dark Don in your life while shaking the perfect Pink Squirrel or serving a fab Gimlet.

4. Love the Way You Lie video – The video for Eminem’s chart topping single has finally been released. What’s more awkward; watching Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan dive into each others’ tonsils? Beat the shit outta each other? Or see Em and Rihanna croon about domestic violence after being splashed across the tabloids for personal domestic violence scandals? Topical or just too meta for MTV?

5. SYTYCD Finale – Season 7 of the So You Think You Can Dance (aka the best dance show on TV) ends this week. The producers shook up the show with a top10 and a return of amazing All Stars this year with terrific results. Will it be small-town boy Kent, who has the tween backing? Grown-into-her-sex-appeal Lauren? Or Robert, who looks like Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid? Tune into see the finalists dance on Wednesday and the winner crowned on Thursday.