Your weekly round up of cultural nuggets that make Monday okay.

1. Game of Thrones is back! If you’re as obsessed as we are, waste half your day scrolling through tagged Game of Thrones gifs on Tumblr.

2. CRAFT! On Apartment Therapy, here’s how to make a Bokeh effects filter for your DSLR, and turn spots of light into stars, hearts, or any shape you want.

3. PROJECT! Feeling incredibly productive this Easter weekend? (Weirdo…) Well, why not do some casual HOME CANNING?

4. We love Kinfolk, a beautiful magazine about small gatherings. You can preview and order their third issue here.

5. Full House Reviewed: Here’s every episode of Full House ever, reviewed in chronological order. They also sell Bay Area Tanners tshirts, which we need to own immediately.

~ Haley Cullingham