Life As We Know It- Oh Katherine Heigl. You’ve bested me. Despite my dislike for you, your acting, your reported high maintenance and genre of films, the trailer for Life As We Know It has totally won me over. I now wanna see this film, out Friday. Screw you for doing something strange to my reproductive organs. As in making me believe they’re there for a purpose other than decoration/anti-contraception dosing.

Kanye on SNL– This past weekend, Kanye graced SNL with his presence. I looove the single Power, it’s been on ipod rotation for ages now, so I quickly noticed he omitted his SNL-bashing lyrics from the song. That might have been too meta. He also spurned the classic set to do his take on a a balletic orgy of sorts. I can’t decide if he was a hit or a miss but either way I keep playing the clips, what did you think??

Fashion Week tweets- Calling all procrastinators, Francophiles, and the sartorially minded. I’ve been vicariously experiencing the Paris runway shows through this thing called Twitter. My faves? So glad you asked! @Jeanne_Beker (sample tweeet: “Giles Deacon and his gorgeous Ungaro gals… ) and @Oh_So_Coco (sample tweet: “And Beth Ditto brought down the house opening and closing the show!! JPG = always memorable.”)

Justin and Jimmy– Timberlake took a time out from promoting to give a history lesson on Jimmy Fallon. They rapped their way through 30 years of hip hop history. Amaze. Bonus points for tonal accuracy.

Bored to Death’s back– Are you a witty literary? A schlubby sympathiser? A silver-fox huntress? Or maybe you just like good TV. Bored To Death, starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson, is back on our screens. If you missed the first season, Schwartzman plays a flailing author who decides to become a private investigator. Hipster shenanigans ensue. Still not enough to go on? Last week’s episode involved a gimp suit and safe-word. Check it out on Sunday nights!

–By Zoe Shapiro