by Haley Cullingham
Pumpkin Carving is a surprisingly satisfying creative outlet for those of us who miss craft hour at summer camp. Here are our favourite pumpkin face choices. (Warning, some are extremely ambitious. Brave souls who attempt the John McCain pumpkin will be carving tiny wrinkles for hours. Bonus, though, is that it’s already bald.)

Surprising (and scary) Pumpkin Face Choices:

1. Sid Vicious
2. Count von Count
3. Tyra Banks
4. Britney’s Britney
5. John McCain

Awesome (and intriguing!) Pumpkin Face Choices:
1. Campbell’s Soup Can
2. Karl Lagerfeld
3. Sex and the City-esque Skyline Pumpkin
4. Martini Glass
5. Dollar Sign

Lazy-Man Pumpkin Face Choices:
1. Skull and Cross Bones
2. Full-Moon Pumpkin (carve one giant hole.)
3. Spell-a-Word Pumpkin-each person carves one letter, creating a line of pumpkins that say a phrase
4. Line carved pumpkin with plastic bag, place puppy inside pumpkin, terrify guests.
5. Le Classique-Smiling ghouly face