Quick, someone – ring the big bell, Joe Mimran is the FIRST Canadian to be turned into a Barbie!!

Truthfully, she always needs more guys to play with anyway. If we were still rolling around on the floor playing Barbies, Joe Mimran would probably take on a Daddy Warbucks type character versus a competitive suitor to Ken.

Why is Mimran suddenly small and plastic? It was a gesture by Mattel to celebrate the recent collaboration between Joe Fresh Style and Barbie. Apparently it took three months to create mini Mimran – and the likeness is uncanny. The press release describes in detail the features of the doll, “…unique face-sculpt, skin-tone, hairstyle and clothing including a blazer, dark jeans, white dress shirt and his signature velvet loafer shoes.”

Other celebrities who have been kindly shrunken by Mattel? Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Rachel Zoe, Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, Janet Jackson, Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a very eclectic few. It’s practically like being knighted!

What does Mimran have to say about all this? “What a fun way to celebrate the BarbieTM Loves Joe Fresh® collection that brings Barbie’s playful spirit to life through stylish and affordable fashions, which is what Joe Fresh is all about.”

For more info on the Barbie Loves Joe Fresh limited edition – go to www.joefresh.ca/barbie