Masooma Hussain is a queer Pakistani-Canadian writer and comedian. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Toronto, a belief that all pop culture is significant, and space in her heart for healing and learning. By day, she works in the world of professional sports and tonight she’ll be taking ‘the stage’ at With/Out Pretend’s digital storytelling event ‘On Distance’
In anticipation, we connected with Masooma to find out how life in 2020 has made her think differently and what she’s been dreaming of lately. We can’t wait to listen and learn from her this evening.
When asked to share about Distance, what first came to your mind?
The first thing that came to mind is the space that distance creates, and how vital that space can be for healing and providing perspective.    
What has helped you move through these past few months? And what was it about that activity that provided you comfort?
The shifting ways my closest relationships have adapted to these constraints has been a comforting reminder that love fills the space you give it. My mother and I have been bonding over cooking and giving each other food during our distanced visits. My friends’ group chat is more active and supportive than ever. My partner and I are bordering on codependency but in a domestically blissful sort of way. We’ve all found new ways to show up and be there for each other.    
What subject did you become more interested in?

I’ve taken a much more active interest in municipal politics and how to push for change from our elected officials.   

What have you been dreaming of lately?

Lately I’ve been having the most mundane nightmares of being at work or back in school, I’m supposed to know the people I’m with but they all feel like strangers and everyone’s in masks. In my most recent vivid dream I was all dressed up to go out and proceeded to pull a fettucine noodle out of each eye before leaving the house.    

What five words would you choose to sum up the past 5 months for you?

Either “The calm and the storm”, or “Another ‘Drag Race’ season? Sure!” 

We’re certain Thursday’s event will be a nourishing one. Reserve your spot now!