Rethink Breast Cancer Media Launch

Amidst a sea of bloggers, baby cupcakes, and burlesque, Rethink Breast Cancer celebrated the launch of the new Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt at Jezebel. The shirts, available at Joe Fresh this year for only $12, were put on great display when three gorgeous burlesque dancers took to the stage, for a fantastic rendition of "Hey, Big Spender." (Not joined, to the chagrin of the twitterverse, by yours truly and her plus one.) They were back in frills, corsets and marabou feathers for more performances, and MJ DeCouteau ( thanked the assembled for all their hard work getting this year’s campaign off the ground. We spent the evening chugging back Schicktinis (made with Vitamin Water and extremely delicious. Plan to attempt at home.) and stalking petit quiche around dove-grey crushed velvet booths and underneath purple-lit chandeliers. Jezebel has an extremely sexy, L.A.-esque vibe, and that, combined with an air of celebration, made for an event that got us excited to buy our t-shirts and wear them with pride. Pick yours up at Joe Fresh locations all over the place.

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