Ever since Special K Protein arrived at our door, we’ve been hooked. Now we want to send you a very special Special K Protein gift basket to try!

Who wants room service? (Well, kind of.) Tweet us #whatfillsyouup for a chance to win a delicious and nutritious Special K gift pack, delivered to your door.

Here are some things that fill us up:

  • A morning run
  • Kitchen dance party
  • An unexpected letter from a good friend
  • Snowy days full of sunshine
  • Holiday craft markets
  • A dozen downward dogs to start the day

Tell us on Twitter what fills you up with hashtag, #whatfillsyouup and we might just show up with breakfast for you and your roomie / boyfriend / Airbnb guest – WHOEVER! Everyone deserves a lovely breakfast to start the day.

Here’s why you should try:

  • With 10g of Protein per serving, Special K Protein will satisfy your hunger and fill you up so you don’t start craving sweets or carbs mid-morning.
  • Tastes great! We especially love with sliced banana or handful of berries.
  • 9g of Fibre per serving will keep your digestive track happy.
  • 15% Folate per serving (Any of you thinking about having a baby? This is what you look for!)

For more info on Special K Protein or other Special K products, check their website.