I first discovered Agent Provocateur while on a weekend getaway in Manhattan. I was on a last minute quest to find my girlfriend lingerie for her bachelorette party in the Hamptons. I figured I’d grab something cute at Bloomingdale’s, like polka-dots or white lace. Instead, I walked out with the naughtiest pair of crotchless panties in tempestuous blue satin. There was only one reason you’d ever wear them; they were perfection.

If I had millions of dollars, I might forego an elaborate walk-in shoe closet or fancy car to instead have a boudoir full of lingerie that begs to be ripped off. Straps, clips, suspenders, whips: this is lingerie that will have you crawling on the floor and saying things you didn’t know you could. Dirty. Filthy. But oh-s0 gorgeous.

Even if you don’t have the cash to spend on a $170 bra, take a moment to explore the new Agent Provocateur boutique at Holts on Bloor Street. At the very least, you’ll leave with a tingly sensation in your groin and some new ideas for late night encounters. Grrrr. 

And now, for some thrilling inspiration: our extravagant holiday wish list!


Fifi Brief, $170

Polka Dot Stockings, $50

Jena Bra, $190

Fleura Shorts, $170

Leather Whip, $700

Sequin Pasties, $60