Do you ever get a bad case of music ADD? I know I do. That awful combination of boredom with the tunes on your ipod and an inability to find something to satisfy your craving. It’s a perfect time to explore your local music scene for something original. Below are a few of Vancouver’s best to keep your toes tapping. Hopefully it’ll give you something to stave off that urge to put Ke$ha on repeat.

The Zolas are Vancouver’s very own indie rock heartthrobs. I mean it: last time I was at their show I could barely hear the band over the screaming girls. Totally catchy, infectious, and danceable, you’ll find yourself listening to their songs on repeat.

Love and Electrik will transport you back to the early eighties and all of its coke filled glory with their pop-y, dancey, synth. You really can’t go wrong with a band that covers Vanity’s Nasty Gal. Put it on before a big night out for an instant mood boost.

Vintage inspired Shimmering Stars will have you longing for a night at the sock hop. A truly unique group that successfully mixes the old with the new, Shimmering Stars is one of Vancouver’s fastest rising bands.

Vancouver indie heavyweights Japandroids are always a safe bet when you’re itching for something a little different. Major TV performances and extensive international touring solidified the band’s rightful place on the indie rock stage. The Japandroids’ energetic beats and distinct sound are sure to keep your music doldrums at bay.

By Meghan Roberts