SDTC Does LA Day 3

By Louisa Cohen
In less then 40 minutes, Eddie the limo driver is picking us up to take us to Coachella. So, quickly, here’s the last day and night we had in Los Angeles.

After the evening we had in West Hollywood we were feeling a little worse for wear – at least I was. We snoozed by the pool, doddled down Melrose. When we eventually felt soothed, we scrubbed up and put on our party dresses once more, and even had another one of our gals arrive!

We popped downstairs around a large roundwooden table for what was technically supposed to be Erin’s birthday dinner. The girls even ordered a dessert…and had it brought to ME! Ironically, when people sing me the birthday song, I cringe in humiliation for some reason… but I bared it for Erin, long enough to get a photo at least.

On a cigarette run across Sunset, Vanessa and I ran in to three men; we will call them Red Velvet, Alligator Shoes, and the-one-that-Rachel-shot-down… They were heading to The Standard for drinks and offered to swing by on their way back and take us to Skybar – I have dreamed of going there since I was 18.

Not to say that the evening was anti climactic, but it was very chill. A sweet Polish man hit on our friend Alex so we were granted his tab for the evening… our new gentleman friends found new lady-friends – but then again, we all needed a good rest for our roadtrip to the desert.
After a slow check out, we got our rental cars and roadtripped it to Palm Springs. On the way we experience a sudden burst of excitement followed by general malaise. Staring in wonderment at the army of power generating windmills sprawled across the desert floor, and outlet-mall ‘mall fever’, we finally made it to the Holiday Inn -and it was bumpin’! I guess the Chingy song did a lot for the franchise – but our pool was sweet, and they were showing Harry Potter on a large screen outside… it was a welcome almost perfectly tailored to my friends. After modelling our Coachella fashions-to-be, and a massive meal at Applebee’s – we passed OUT.

“I am currently in a towel, and its time to leave real soon. So I leave you with this…. the best Coachella getup we’ve seen yet, a beach blond Mermaid girl enjoying a pretzel.”

Love ya.

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