Those were my first words after spooning a bite full of ice-cream into my mouth, or taking a sip of a toasty hot chocolate…

 I struggled with tooth sensitivity for years. Alone. In shame.

 Over time, I adapted. I taught myself to drink hot beverages out of the side of my mouth (not awkward at all) and circled ice-cream cones like a vulture before diving in while extending my lips over my teeth in an effort to shield them from the creamy, delicious adversity that awaited in a sugary cone. How could something so pretty and delicious hurt so bad? IT WASN’T FAIR!

And then, I was invited to attend a product launch for Crest. I love Crest. I’ve been using their toothpaste for as long as I can remember, and, over the last few years, have become obsessed with their Whitening products – the 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects are the bomb. They’re like magical teeth erasers. Coffee stains be gone, gone, gone!

Naturally, I assumed that we were being invited for a reveal of a brand-spanking-new whitening product I decided to call the CREST 3D Blu-ray 33 MegaPixel Whiter-than-White Whitestrips that work just a tad faster than the speed of light. That wasn’t it, but I was close.

The newest member of the Crest family is the 3D White Luxe Sensitivity toothpaste. A dual action product, it provides relief for sensitive teeth and whitens them at the same time!

I’ve been using it since the launch and have noticed a significant decrease in my tooth sensitivity. It’s important to note that it doesn’t combat the source of sensitivity itself (receding gum tissue, exposed underlayer of teeth called dentin) but offers relief by building protection and insulation from tooth pain, and that’s good enough for me!! 

Now please excuse me while I consume everything hot, cold, sweet, sour and in between, cuz these choppers CAN TAKE IT ALL!