We all know we’re going to overindulge this holiday, so there’s no point in pretending we’re not. We’re going to eat far too much fattening food and drink far too much wine and we’ll pay for it until January 2nd or 3rd, when we’re fully recovered and ready to pretend that no, honestly, we’re really going to stick to our resolutions this year, swearsies. Until then, however, cheers. To help you bounce back faster after a night of holiday debauchery, we’ve compiled a list of unusual hangover cures we’ve read or heard about but have yet to try. We need lots of sleep, water and oj, natch, and definitely a solid greasy breakfast, but add in a few of these suggestions to your kick-the-hangover routine and, who knows, you might be Round 2 (or 3, 4) ready in no time at all! Are you ready to down some pickle juice?? Yuuuuuuuhhhhhuuummmm.

1. Avoid caffeine and dairy products – the caffeine will dehydrate you even more, which you don’t want, and the dairy products will make you queasy (or queasier).

2. Have some spoonfuls of honey – it will soothe the dryness of your throat and the potassium in it will make you feel better.

3. Rub a lemon or lime in your armpits before you start drinking – Puerto Ricans used to do it as a means of preventing dehydration and, thus, morning-after headaches.

4. Chug some pickle juice – the salty water helps to cure you, since your hungover body needs salt and water.

5. Have sex – doing the nasty is probably the last thing you want to do with a hangover, but you’ll sweat out the alcohol and it’s a fun way to pass the time. It also releases oxytocin which reduces pain sensitivity and elevates your mood. Just don’t puke. That’s not sexy.

6. Eat pickled or canned fish on crackers – the high mineral content in the fish helps your body recover and the salty crackers are easy on your stomach. The Germans apparently swear by pickled herring as part of their hangover breakfast.

7. Drink a Bloody Mary – the alcohol in the Bloody Mary helps balance your blood sugar levels and the fruit and spice perk up your body. If you don’t want the alcohol, make it version and you’ll get similar results.

8. Ingest some evening primrose oil – long been used as a natural hangover remedy, this will soothe your poor stomach and liver.

9. Elevate your legs – A friend of ours once called TeleHealth when she had ingested six different types of liquor the night prior. The nurse on the other end of the phone told her to elevate her legs. We’ve been doing that ever since, it sort of helps.

10. Movie marathon! When all else fails, watch six episodes of Sex In The City. Their drunken blunders always make us feel a little less guilty. After all, a good chuckle may be all you need.

Of course, if starting 2012 chugging pickle juice is not so appealing, then may we suggest you curb your binge drinking the night before. Is it ever worth it?

Happy Holidays! Have fuuuuuuuuun!

~ Lindsay Tapscott