Share Your Sexy Festive Tales at Tell Me Something Good

Almost everyone has a juicy, exhilarating, titillating sex story to share. Now just imagine taking your best sex story and sharing it with a bunch of fun-loving sex-positive strangers. That’s what happens every month at Tell Me Something Good, a sexy storytelling slam created by Sophie Delancey and Samantha Fraser. Participants throw their name into the ring and whoever gets called on gets to go up and share their bawdy tale in front of a panel of judges with the chance to win some very enticing prizes. Past themes have included Sexual Empowerment, Hot for Teacher and Baby Got Back: Celebrating the Behind.

With the holidays coming up, this month’s theme is all about getting festive and frisky. Were you more naughty than nice? Did you get a little too friendly with Santa? Or maybe you got a little creative with your mistletoe placement. Whatever your story is, come to the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street W) this Wednesday December 3rd at 7:30 and get in some ho-ho-ho’s. The best part: She Does The City’s Kirthan Aujlay and Jess Beaulieu will be officiating as guest judges!  So come & get in the holiday spirit with some sexy yuletide tales.

The Gladstone Hotel is located at 1214 Queen Street West. For more info, go here or follow @TellMeToronto on Twitter. 

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  1. Jeff
    December 11, 2014

    My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now. Of course during the first 15 years everything was great. The regular sex, nothing kinky or any thing.  After those 15 years or so things started to slow down and become ” same as usual” in the bed.  The fun slowed down and we were lucky to have sex once a month.  I then started reading the web to get ideas for spicing things up.  I did just about everything to get her to do something a little different.  I shaved myself down there. I was hoping she would try it and join her husband in a renewed sexual experience.  I also changed the type of underwear I was wearing from the white ones to a bikini style for men.  She went into tears. Yes, crying! What the hell I said. She says I don’t love her and don’t want to  be with her. OMG!!!  Well, that calmed down and I continued to read. I found a story of men giving oral after intercourse.  I was interested.  She was in control around here any way, she was the boss. I knew it.  I just want to show a little submission to her in the bedroom.  Now I’m shaved and I want to clean her up. When I tried she grabbed me by the head and wanted to know what i was doing. I explained, going down to give you pleasure. She would have nothing to do with it. That’s gross she said. Now several years have gone by and believe it or not just the other night after IC she, my wife, asked me to go down.  I did and was in heaven. She was too!!!!  I guess I can only say, good things come/cum for those who wait!

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