It’s only fair that we properly test out a product before reviewing. We made sure to try K-Y Intense before heading out on a Saturday night. On Wednesday we gave it a go after Stephen Colbert. We tried it between pressing snooze and heading to Starbucks. It felt good on a lazy Sunday afternoon amongst the Globe and Mail, tea and orange peels. We tested it with Lady Gaga playing in the background. We even tried it once in between a phone call and an e-mail. We used it with our significant other and we used it on our own. We may have even tried it with a toy. Sometimes we were sober, sometimes not at all. In fact, in our dedicated efforts to properly sample this product – we ran out.

With just a tiny drop, K-Y Intense gives you a zing without a sting. For those of you pressed for time, this discrete little valve of magic arousal gel will cut that climb to orgasm in half. We know you are busy, we are too – which is why we don’t have time to jerk off for 25 minutes waiting for some dilapidated release. As soon as you dab it on, you will feel heightened awareness down there, it will make you feel full and ready to let go. At climax, the sensation is similar to when cymbals crash in the symphony orchestra…you are left with a powerful, but not overwhelming, vibration that tingles just enough to make your pelvis jerk. We can’t speak for you but we were left smiling and exhaling all of our stress through a pleasing ‘Ahhhhhh’.

Whereas lubricants can be sticky and messy – K-Y Intense is a concentrated, clean and classy way to up the ante between your legs.

K-Y Intense gets the Shedoesthecity slippery stamp of good sex approval. Now it’s your turn to try.

Available at your local drug store – suggested retail is $26.99 – $31.99 for 34 fl oz.