Show Me Some Skin(s)!

by Ivana Markotic

Sex. Drugs. Indie bands. Parties. Religion. Homosexual relations. Cheating. Pregnancy. Eating disorders. Sex. Death. Sigh, the cycle of life for a British teenager.

Although all of the above seems to be incorporated into every teen drama, it is not presented so effectively and entertainingly as in the new, appropriately titled British series, Skins. Forget The O.C., Gossip Girl, and Degrassi, the British series puts them all to shame by incorporating all of the above into one fretful hour.

Season one of the hit series premiered in January 2007 to a horny British audience of 1.5 million. Clever promotions for the show featured the cast in compromising positions on top of each other to further fuel the hype of it’s release.

The Skins cast are all young actors that take on typical teenage characters, but with extreme personalities that are somehow believable. One of the breakthrough stars of the series is Nicholas Hoult, as the brazen party boy that some may recognize as the young boy opposite Hugh Grant in the movie, About A Boy. Each episode is written around one character, with the others’ lives intertwined leaving viewers in constant amusement. The most memorable moments of the series are in the party scenes featuring the whole cast in steamy, dancing encounters. In fact, the party scenes are so infamous a special finale episode features the entire cast and their friends at a party-concert that seems to evolve into an orgy. Furthering the sensation, the official Skins website is holding an ongoing competition until 2009, encouraging fans to upload their own ‘Skins Party’ photos.

While the series has completed it’s second season in the U.K. it was announced none of the original cast would be returning for the third installment of the show. A complete recasting is a risky move for a series, but with promises of twice the escapades, a little risky business never hurt anyone.

Be sure to get both seasons of Skins on DVD, because it is too racy for Canadian TV!

Skins Yearbook

Here is a guide to the main characters.

Tony- Charm and manipulation are his best assets when it comes to girls– and boys.

Sid- The virgin on the quest to rid himself of his holy grail and come to terms with being in love with his best friend’s girlfriend.

Michelle- The popular girl with an appetite for fashion and sex.

Cassie- The cute, confused, naïve girl everybody wants to help.

Chris- The relentless party animal always looking for a good time.

Anwar- The religious boy battling between the virtues of his faith and the vices of his friends.

Maxxie- The dancer whose homosexuality is freely expressed, but at times oppressed by his best friend.

Jal- The quiet clarinet player that starts transforming into a vixen alongside her group of wild friends.


  1. Anonymous
    December 18, 2008

    Kaya Scodelario who plays Effy Stomem, Tony’s sister, is an original cast member that WILL be returning for the third season as the “main” character.

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