Sinful Seductions: The Stepmother

by Annie Oakley

Looking for a porn that’s more than facial shots and the sound of balls on ass? When I picked up The Barcelona Sex Project the last time that I was in Good for Her, the manager recommended another ladies-friendly porn: The Stepmother. She told me it was more than just straight-up banging, and had a pretty entertaining plot. I was unconvinced that I would have any interest in the plot whatsoever, but as it turned out, the plot actually made the porn better. Unbelievable, I know, but I’m totally serious.

The film opens without any sex for almost ten minutes, and you meet the evil stepmother, Dolores, her sexy new husband, and her step-daughter, Paige. The acting is hilariously bad, but the absurd plot line holds the movie together really well and is completely entertaining. Dolores bullies the Foxy Maid, who Paige used to hook up with, though you never see this girl-on-girl action. Then, when Dolores meets Paige’s Sexy Fiancé, she goes for him immediately, rubbing his cock under the dinner table in front of her husband. When she finally gets with Sexy Fiancé for a hearty pounding at the end of the film, Foxy Maid catches them – this sets up the sequel to The Stepmother: The Stepmother 2: The Maid’s Revenge. Now that’s a good porn title.

Director Nica Noelle explained the reasoning behind her focus on plot, saying that “Women generally want to know why two people are having sex . . . They want to know what the relationship is between those two people. And none of those things were really being portrayed in the porn that was out there.” Plus, everyone fucking in The Stepmother looks like they’re having a genuinely good time, unlike the sad or haggard-looking girls in a lot of porn flicks. My favourite scene was when Dolores walks in on Sexy Fiancé jerking off in the shower and joins him, fully clothed, then the two move to the bedroom to have a good 30 minute fuck sesh.

This is the first sort-of-traditional porn (you know, bad acting, stage names like Michelle Lay and Alan Stafford) that I’ve seen and enjoyed. I’m going to check out the sequel in the hopes that we see more of Dolores’ gorgeous husband, who I found even hotter than Sexy Fiancé. Who knew I would favour plot and older men in a pornography?

You can pick up The Stepmother and The Stepmother 2 at Good for Her (171 Harbord) or order online at



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