Some lovely woman gave me a pretty sweet challenge: “Hey Jen, if we give you $250 to try out TeamBuy.CA, can you shop and share?” Yep, I can do. So I got busy buying stuff. I am good at that.

Now before I share with you my fun loot, I have three important statements to make:
1. Read this and you can potentially win a quick and easy $100 spree on TeamBuy (Which is sort of like winning $500)
2. I don’t work for these people but I did take on this challenge.
3. Unlike the countless dailystopemailingmeF*CK group buying blahblahblahs, TeamBuy has, like, a dozen deals going at once. This means –> extra fun at your leisure! SAVE ON, my friends. SAVE ON!

Now the fun part; wanna see what I hoarded? It’s a pretty zany assortment but I think that I do actually need all of it. Fiiiine, maybe I didn’t need the contour body wrap but hey, I had bucks to spend and this Houdini-like spa service piqued my (p)interest.

Contour body wrap and facial from Yorkville’s Sculpture Salon
Apparently I will lose 10 inches off my body for 30 days. WTF? Too curious not to do this.
Price: $99
Value: $240
Savings: $141

I am trying to curb my disgusting social smoking habit. I’ll blow on these mechanical ciggies instead.
Price: $29
Value: $90
Savings: $61

Brazilian at Soho Spa
Because a $15 Brazilian is worth the pain.
Price: $15
Value: $55
Savings: $40

Eight Wine Bar prix fixe dinner at Cosmopolitan Hotel
I’ll use it. I’ll like it. I’ll pretend I’m a tourist. DONE!
Price: $49
Value: $100
Savings: $51

Eco-friendly Soy Memory Foam Pillows
I suffer from allergies and insomnia. ‘Nuff said. 
Price: $39
Value: $149
Savings: $110

iPad Travel Kit 
Who doesn’t need this? 
Price: $17
Value: $49
Savings: $32

SAVINGS – $435

Simm Simma! That’s a deal!! I realise that my list of things is definitely a bit odd but there is way more to choose from. Surf camp anyone? Teeth whitening? Winter getaway at Hockley Valley Ski Resort? Yoga gear? MANY CHOICES. Gooooo TEAM! Buy! Errr .Ca!!

Can I play this game again? Maybe not…but YOU CAN! Enter for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree on TeamBuy by following us on Twitter and RTing our tweet with #TeamBuyforthewin

~ Jen McNeely