Smartphone on your holiday wish list? Best Buy Mobile is your best bet!

Let me paint a picture for you: You’ve walked out of a movie theatre, all smiles, but then you reach for your phone and it’s not there. Take a deep breath, is it in your purse? Must be. You madly shuffle through it: Gum wrappers, pens, receipts from your trip to LA, tangled headphones, moisturizer and noisy keychains. O.M.G…IT’S NOT THERE.

You’re getting clammy, and starting to stutter. You turn to your friend who is a few steps ahead,

“Wait! I think I lost my phone?”
“Is it in your purse?” she says as you search your purse. (So helpful!)
“Nooooo…I don’t….I can’t find it….$%@!”
“Let me look. You go back to the seats.”

PANIC STRICKEN, you begin to run in the other direction when *TA-DA* it’s in the back pocket of your jeans! Aw gee, so funny! NO. This is a serious situation; our mobiles are our lifeline.

As someone who tweets more than she talks, I know all too well how vital a mobile device is.

FAST FACT: 20% of Shedoesthecity users come through mobile! This means that I’m always on my phone. So people ask me a lot of phone questions:

  • Which phone has the best battery life?
  • How much data do you use a month? And how much does that cost?
  • What’s the best app for taking photos? Can I get that on any smart phone?

Although I love my phone, I’m not actually an expert. But the guys at Best Buy Mobile are! So, if you’re in the market for a new one, or gifting a loved one, don’t go to a company who will only talk up their product, get impartial advice on the best range!

Here’s what the Best Buy Mobile team promises: 

  • Not only does Best Buy carry the best selection of smartphones and every carrier all in one place, they also have informed and impartial mobile specialists who can customize the best plan, phone and features for you.
  • Two year plans: The new two-year plans are great for Best Buy customers. Contracts are two year, which means less commitment and in many cases, Best Buy customers are also paying less money up front.
  • Best Buy offers 24/7 Ask a Geek online remote support to help answer any questions you have wherever you are. You can come into any of the Best Buy stores at any time and a Mobile Specialist will be there to help you.
  • When you leave our doors, you will “Walk Out Working” The free Walk Out Working service helps get you started using your new, cell phone or Bluetooth device.
  • Best Buy will set up your email, your Bluetooth headset, transfer data and offer a free lesson on downloading apps so that your phone is working the way you need it to when you leave our store

Umm, well that’s great. Basically they do EVERYTHING! Well, they can’t help you with 2 am booty texts or passive aggressive emails from your co-worker…but ALMOST EVERYTHING!

Get started by checking out their selection here.


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