Nutrition aside, the ritual of breakfast fills me up. What do I mean? Too often, I find myself racing  in the morning, jumping from coffee to desk without taking the time to sit, pause, ponder, digest and contemplate the day ahead. Breakfast, done right: set table, brew pot of tea, turn on CBC radio, and grab a magazine or paper to flip through. This routine provides much more than food for your tummy.

When Special K asked me to test out their brand-new Special K Protein Cereal, I was definitely keen. Not only do I love cereal (morning and night) but it provided me with an excuse to actually sit at the kitchen table and appreciate breakfast for a few days. Beyond trying a new product, I realised how much I cherish that slice of quiet before my inbox explodes.

Here’s why you should try:

  • With 10g of Protein per serving, Special K Protein will satisfy your hunger and fill you up so you don’t start craving sweets or carbs mid-morning.
  • Tastes great! I liked it best with sliced banana and enjoyed pairing the hint of vanilla flavour with yoghurt as well as milk.
  • 9g of Fibre per serving will keep your digestive track happy. 
  • 15% Folate per serving (Any of you thinking about having a baby? This is what you look for!)

I left the table relaxed and ready; full of energy for the day ahead.

Music, art, your pet, meditation, running: what fills you up? Share a ritual you love that fills you up with @shedoesthecity #WhatFillsYouUp and you could win a Special K Protein gift basket at your door! Who doesn’t like a surprise breakfast delivery?? Enjoy.

For more info on Special K Protein or other Special K products, check their website.