Misty Fox, one of Toronto’s top makeup artists (for film and TV, red carpet, beauty/fashion and SPFX) will be passing down her knowledge to the younger set at a brand new SPFX Kids camp, co-run with friend and fellow mom Lindsey Williams.

Coming to Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw St) in July 2018, this camp will teach kids aged 9-13 the trade and art of special effects makeup. While Misty brings the creative talent, Lindsey has over ten years of operational management experience, including working at some of the city’s top cultural organizations, like TIFF and Luminato. It’s undoubtedly going to be a bloody good time. 

If your kid is inspired by Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy and the creatures they see in the movies, this camp will teach them what is referred to as “Out of Kit” special effects. They’ll create their own fake blood, pus-filled boils, third-degree burns, scars and much more. They’ll eventually graduate to creating their own Zombie/Werewolf effects, with a final project and photo shoot, followed by a super-fun costume party.

Sounds gross, in the most fun way possible. Get all the gory deets and register here.