So, Veronica, does the carpet match the drapes? Archie pops the question, and it’s the upset of the century. Nice girls finish last, and Betty is kicked to the curb by America’s most loveable misogynist two-timer. Jezebel already pointed out the myriad of ways this effects the centuries-long debate of blondes v. brunettes, and even the Globe and Mail saw fit to publish the news. With girl-next-door hearts retroactively breaking all over the world, we say NO MORE TEARS! Why? Here’s why: Veronica’s in for a lifetime of ginger-pubes, kids throwing temper tantrums, and a husband who finances his get-rich-quick schemes with her dad’s money. Betty, however, should take a second look at Jughead – Riverdale’s true Big Man On Campus – and try to lock that down. He’s smart, and has an adorable puppy (Hot Dog). Archie Comic writers have admitted that they always wanted Betty and Jughead to get together, but it would interfere with the B-V-A love triangle formula. Now that Archie and Ms. Lodge are headed for nuptials, the way is clear for Jughead and Betty to live happily ever after in a house of pies.