by Caitlyn Holroyd

Hot – HOT – HAWWT! It’s time to get almost naked and run to the water. Toronto Island, Grandma’s cottage, that motel in the Kawartha’s or Scadding Court Pool. We don’t care – just get us in the water. Some items to have you looking like a Riviera beach babe from a 1960’s Godard film – no matter what the real life scenario.


Ecote Ankle Wrap Sandal, $29
Top Shop Denim Stripe Tunic, $46
Anthropologie Anchored Bag, $138
Frill Chelsea Bandeau Bikini, $230
Roxy Sand Box Sun Hat, $29
Ray-Ban Retro Cats 1000, $135
Benefit California Kissin’ Smile Brightening Lip Shine, $18
Joe Fresh Nail Polish, $4
Chiclets, $2
Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces Lotion 45, $12
Olympus Pen Camera, $600