If you’re looking for a nice way to relax at the end of the weekend, might I suggest a Sunday Supper? Whether Sunday Night Dinner is a tradition in your family or friend group or not, it’s a wonderful way to take a little time before the work week starts, and a great way to stave off the Sunday Night blues. Plus, Mad Men and Game of Thrones are over, so we need something to do.

County General Sunday Supper (936 Queen St. W.)

The Sunday Supper changes weekly, but expect seasonal offerings like Calamari Fritos, Creme Catalan, and buckets of Muskoka beers. A perfect high-low mix, the Sunday Supper is $28 before drinks. 

Union Paris Dinner (72 Ossington Ave.)

The weekly Paris Dinner at Union features a selection of delicious French favourites. Expect entree offerings like oysters, octopus and escargot, and plats du jour like truffled sausage, tagliatelle, or sticky ribs. The idea comes from a Parisian tradition of Sunday evening prix fixes that allow you to linger over your meal, enjoying the last hours of the weekend. The three-course meal is $40 before drinks. 

Queen and Beaver Feasting Menu (35 Elm St.)

A weekend special, you must order your roast before Thursday. Each of the seven meals are served with sides and condiments and charged per person, with a minimum party number. The Roast Rib Roast with Yorkshire Puddings is $36 per person, with a minimum of eight guests. The Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder will cost each diner $30, and there must be five people in your party. Venison Stew and Dumplings is $24 each, and also serves a minimum of five. So does the Beef Wellington, which will cost $37 a plate. The Roast Rib Eye of Bison is $36 for a minimum party of eight, and the coast-per-person of the Wood Roast Suckling Pig is the same, but you’ll need at least 10 feasters. Finally, the Loin of Pork and Apple Sauce is $28, for a minimum of five guests. 

Sidecar Prix Fixe (577 College St.)

While not technically a Sunday-only special, this $25 prix fixe runs SundayWednesday and is an affordable way to try one of the city’s best restaurants. The menu is also classic Sunday dinner comfort fare, like steak tartare, crispy oven roasted chicken, and traditional ravioli. They even have a prix fixe wine special: $25 bottles. 

Edulis Sunday Lunch (169 Niagara St.)

Another meal inspired by a European tradition, the Sunday Lunch offers you a table for the afternoon, a menu that changes weekly, and half price wine bottles! The set menu is $40 per person. 

Any other Sunday night favourites? Tell us about them in the comments.