Nobody wants to cook on a Sunday night. At least, not within the mid-twenties demographic, where one is still hungover and exhausted from another big weekend, and dreading the fact that Monday morning creeps ever closer. Solution: round up your friends and grab a cheap, fun dinner! Montreal has a plethora of daily deals at many of our favourite downtown(ish) restaurants and pubs – here are our three top picks to beat the Sunday blues.

Tacos @ 3 Amigos (1657 St-Catherine & 1621 St-Denis)

Though the interior is simultaneously decorated for every Canadian and Mexican national holiday that has ever existed (plus 4,000 extra sombreros), 3 Amigos serves up pretty decent and insanely inexpensive tacos on Sunday evenings. For 69 cents each (plus the purchase of a beverage), hard-shell meat and vegetarian tacos really do not get any cheaper than this. Order a side of rice or beans, or a mango margarita to accompany your taco feast. Reservations suggested for big groups, as this deal does tend to be quite popular!

Chicken Wings @ Next Door Pub & Grill (5175 Sherbrooke West)

A little known secret that we almost hesitate to publicize: every Sunday evening from 7pm-10pm, the very quaint Next Door Pub & Grill in Westmount serves 19 cent wings (plus the purchase of a beverage) in a variety of tasty flavours. And these are very hearty wings, let us just say. Their regular menu is equally excellent, for non-wing lovers (do you exist?) Call ahead for a big group and get there early as the wing supply has been known to run dry!

Mussels and Fries @ L’Academie (2100 Crescent & 4051 St-Denis)

While this deal is generally well known, we feel like it needs emphasis as often as possible. From Sunday to Wednesday, L’Academie reduces the price of its mussel and fry plates (and all of its pasta dishes) to $12.95. A big bowl of delicious, well-marinated mussels and pretty damn amazing fries will pretty much satiate any sense of ‘Sunday blues’ that was sneaking up on you. D

~ Tyler Yank | Photo from