Lessons From My Old Apartment

Before my husband and I started dating, we were friends who would dork out about music in his apartment in NDG, Montreal. He was living at that apartment when we first fell in love (if you can’t deal with sap, stop reading now). We eventually got our own place, and after having been there a… Read More »

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Tips for finding a place to rent in Toronto

Looking for a new place to live in Toronto? Here are a few websites and tips to help you out! PadMapper: My go-to rental tool. PadMapper aggregates listings from Craigslist, Kijiji, PadLister,, RentalHomesPlus,, AirBnB, Apartment Finder, and more, and displays them on a map. Location and price are the most important factors when deciding on a place, and their search criteria make… Read More »

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An Open Letter to the Bar Underneath My Apartment

There’s nothing like being lulled to sleep by the dull, incessant vibration of a giant speaker below your bed. (Sounds sexy. Isn’t.) As the unidentifiably generic and unnecessarily loud electronic music pulsates its way into your genetic makeup with a persistence so relentless and repetitive you’re convinced it’s tattooing itself onto your DNA, you decide… Read More »

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