By Heather Christie So, let’s talk about why Ashton Kutcher wears suspenders throughout the entirety of Spread. Ashton with sweater and jeans? Suspenders. Ashton with polo? Suspenders. Ashton with no shirt? Suspenders. In Spread, A-Kutch’s suspenders are like the unwelcome third wheel to the cinematic date-o-sphere. But why?! Why must poor, unsuspecting audience members suffer… Read More »

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Who wants to be the VP?

Though I try to stick to jabs and stabs at my celebrity friends, never before has the line between politics and celebrity been as blurry as a Madonna covershoot. (I’ve saved you the pleasure of myself donning the pantsuit ensemble, but rest assured there’s a rifle in my pocket.) If the mere presence of bikini-clad… Read More »

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