Wheels and Doll Baby, Baby!

by Rosanna Carlucci Every Vintage Vixen who adores vintage fashion knows that there is a fine line between wearing vintage with style and looking like a cheesy Halloween costume. Australian designer Melanie Greensmith truly understands this fine line and her clothing label, Wheels and Doll Baby, is the definition of vintage inspired clothing that is… Read More »

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Perversion with a Touch of Class

by Rosanna Carlucci Anyone knows that the key to being a true Vintage Vixen lies in the ability to be both a lady and a vamp. In the spirit of bad girls like Mae West, who looked like a lady but talked like a trucker, comes clothing and accessory line Locher’s, from designer Nicole Locher.… Read More »

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Fun in the Retro Sun…

by Rosanna Carlucci Like a pearl at home in its shell she lies across her pink towel, lounging in the shade of her white umbrella. She lets the cool breeze caress her skin and takes a sip of her lemonade in the hopes it will cool her down. As the temperature continues to rise she… Read More »

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Make a Statement with Re-Stated by Trudelle Laker

If you love vintage jewellery with a modern twist than look no further. This past Tuesday at Sassafraz in Yorkville, Canadian designer Trudelle Laker debuted her new line of costume jewellery “Re-Stated” to an eclectic gathering of close friends and media. Fashion Televisions’ own style maverick, Jeanne Becker, kicked off the evening with a heartfelt… Read More »

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Queen Bee…

by Rosanna Carlucci Like a swarm of bees around a hive of honey the boys in the park hover around her. She is not intimidated or shy and seems to relish in their sweet talk and longing stares. Her auburn hair falls into loose curls that find their way into the collar of her red… Read More »

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Some Like It Hot…

by Rosanna Carlucci She licks her ruby red lips and gazes at the crowd from behind her cat eye frames. Like a little girl chasing a balloon she quickly dashes from the hotel lobby to the car that awaits her, looking back only once. The photographers’ pounce and every man with a pulse salivates. Like… Read More »

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