A note to those lying in bed after a break-up

You had a bad break-up and you feel stuck in bed. Here are some things you can do. 1. Stop listening to Adele I know.  She’s singing what you can’t say. She is strumming your pain with her fingers and killing you softly with her song. But it’s not helping. You’re adding sad to sad. If it were… Read More »

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HOW TO… Rebound Like a Pro

Total independence? Amazing! Feeling good about it after a break up? Tough. When you find yourself suddenly single, things change. All at once you have to make your own ski weekend plans, buy a real guitar tuner and text your mom kisses goodnight. One fair day, you’re going to want to fill in the gaps.… Read More »

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Breaking Up While Awkward

They say that breaking up is hard to do…even more so for the terminally awkward amongst us. Usually, I have the relieving courtesy of being broken up with, so in that regard, the end of a relationship is pretty painless, except for y’know, the crippling self doubt, and neuroses that pop up after said conversation.… Read More »

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