Puddle Jumping: The best umbrellas, rainboots and rain jackets to see you through April showers

Last week, we got inspired by Her Majesty the Queen’s favourite umbrellas. Fulton Umbrellas has been protecting fancy British heads from the rain since 1956. Carried by the Royal Family, Fulton Umbrellas are not only functional, they’re works of waterproof art. With a range of designs, from classic to colourful to irresistibly cute, there’s an… Read More »

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7 Badass Leather Jackets we are Lusting After

Yeah yeah, it’s about sunshine, budding tulips and chirping chickadees but Spring is also about busting out a badass leather jacket and feeling all “FUCK YEAH! It’s time.” So, to prep for the onset of this leather weather season, we bring you seven of the sexiest mother effing leather jackets this dear season has to… Read More »

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Kitten lost her mittens? Here are some of our favourite fingerless gloves to keep you toasty while texting

Ah, technology. Whether it’s making our lives easier or more difficult, one thing is for sure: Often, it’s influencing our style. This winter, the advent of touch-screen-everything means fingerless gloves became a must-have accessory. The other day, having left my gloves somewhere between my house, the streetcar, and the mall, I went on a search… Read More »

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Bare Naked Accessories

by Diana Cina With one of Spring/Summer’s hottest trends being sheer fabrics and bare-it-all designs, how could accessories not follow suit? Designers have been using Lucite, acrylic and plastic materials in a dramatic, yet playful way to adorn just about every part of you. From Fendi’s transparent clutch to Prada’s translucent wedge sandals and matching… Read More »

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