On exactly February 21st, I begin counting the days until the day that summer officially begins. I make collages, mix-tapes, and collect recipes, all in anticipation of those sun scorched months. AND IT’S FINALLY HERE! Below, a few of my favourite things. 

Muses: My two summer muses are the ultra cool Donyale Luna, and Talitha Getty. Luna, who was featured in Fellini and Warhol movies, inspires me to grow talon-like nails and pile on the eyeliner. High priestess of the 70’s jet-set, Talitha Getty, has got me dreaming about Marrakech with her cool caftans and iconic parties.

Cool Jewelry: Just like Maria Callas in Pasolini’s Medea, I love piling on the jewelry. Whether it’s wearing a menagerie of metal snakes, or layering necklaces, I’ve always been about making a statement. I also adore bangles made from bakelite, wood and jade, and anything that reminds me of ancient Egypt. The Sun Ra necklace from All for the Mountain, or earrings from Nicole Ritchie’s line, House of Harlow, are perfect examples of the Egyptian Revival. 

Ballet flats: I’m totally coveting these Pila ballet flats by Sophie Theallet. Available through Nine West, these flats with bow detail add interest to any outfit. 

Sunglasses: Don’t let your eyes fry! Find a pair of sunglasses in a great vintage shape, and feel like a star. Lenscrafters stocks some great Burberry and Ray Ban shades.

San Tropez Tan: I’m more of a “hide under hats and sunscreen” girl, but if I was a tanner, I would definitely check out Biotherm’s line of sun protection products. For me, there’s the Ultra Fluid body milk that hydrates AND protects against UV rays. 

Anna Calvi: After seeing her tear it up at the El Mocambo in May, it’s safe to say that Anna Calvi is my new girl crush. With dashes of electric flamenco guitar, a powerful voice and a nod to both PJ Harvey AND Nick Cave, her self titled debut is the perfect soundtrack for adventure.

Dark Angels: LUSH’s “Dark Angels” facial cleanser is a lifesaver for my suddenly oily summer skin. Gentle enough for every day use, this cleanser contains Rhassoul mud (from Morocco) and charcoal that exfoliates and fights acne.

Exhibitions: Between the new Abstract Expressionism exhibit at the AGO and the Fellini retrospective at the TIFF Lightbox, I’m excited to see how Toronto can help me take in some culture AND beat the heat simultaneously. 

Headscarf: Headscarves are a stylish way to not give a crap about your hair. With so many ways to wrap them, you can feel like Edie Beale one day, and Erykah Badu the next.

A Good Veg Routine: Not all summer nights have to be about wild parties with the friends, sometimes I like to curl up with a good book, wear ballet slippers and sip some cold jasmine tea.

Crop tops: It took me a while to embrace the crop top, but they allow you to show an unexpected bit of skin when paired with voluminous maxi skirts, or silk pyjama pants.

Giant Drag: One lonely ninth grade summer, I developed the biggest crush on a boy with amazing taste in music. He didn’t know I existed. However, Giant Drag’s darkly quirky “Hearts and Unicorns” takes me back to scrawling his name in my sticker clad diary.

Flatiron: Despite natural curls, I want pin straight hair. This John Frieda Infiniti straightener by Conair gives me salon results, without breaking the bank.

Great Lips:  This summer, I’m all about unexpected lip colour. Whether it’s a burnt orange, or a cool lavender–I’m all over it. But what’s really caught my attention? Givenchy’s Gelée D’Interdit in Celestial Black. With glitter and a sheer black gloss, it adds a touch of high glamour goth to any evening look.

~ Natasha Hunt