Last week, we got inspired by Her Majesty the Queen’s favourite umbrellas. Fulton Umbrellas has been protecting fancy British heads from the rain since 1956. Carried by the Royal Family, Fulton Umbrellas are not only functional, they’re works of waterproof art. With a range of designs, from classic to colourful to irresistibly cute, there’s an umbrella to make you love even the rainiest of days. And because it’s all about preparation, we’ve picked our Fulton favourites and paired them with boots and macs, so you’ll be unstoppable in stormy weather. The Queen would be so proud.

1. The Blues

– J. Crew Weatherby Rain Boots in Navy, $94.50
– ASOS Popper Plastic Rain Mac, $91.38
Fulton Umbrellas Kensington

2. Pink Lady 

– Anthropologie Charlie Rain Boots, $128

– ASOS Plastic Rain Mac with Rope Tie Detail, $91.38
Fulton Umbrellas Birdcare Pink

3. Neon Dream

– Hunter Tall-Soled Neon Wellington Boots
– Topshop Shiny leather bomber jacket
Fulton Umbrellas Slinger

4. Here Comes The Sun 

– Burberry Rubber Wellington Boots
– Madewell Cloudburst Jacket, $198
Fulton Umbrellas Soho

~ Haley Cullingham