TIFF Diary: Week One

Wednesday, Sept. 3: It’s the night before TIFF, and all through the house, a girl was massaging kale for a salad and wondering if bathing suit bottoms could be suitable underwear. I go the Spoke Club around 8:30 for the Young Canadian Filmmakers Party wearing a backpack that weighs more than most of the actresses… Read More »

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Pop 5 November 29, Robyn gets remixed, Lady Gaga turns off Twitter and we all, ungracefully, swarm the theatre for Black Swan

Robyn Gets Remixed Robyn’s been a very busy Swedish Berry this year. But out of the three albums she’s pulled off, the best song is Indestrucitble; acoustical gorgeousness and a hawt video to boot! (Can you tell I’m a seasoned music writer?) A-Trak has now got their hands on the song and produced a killer… Read More »

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