5 Reasons Fall Fashion Is The Best Fashion

We waited 84 years, but it finally came: the chilly temperatures, the lack of humidity, the fleeting fireplace smell that makes you stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk and say to whoever you’re with, “Do you smell that? That fall smell! FALL!” (Thus effectively ensuring you will never, ever see that person again.)… Read More »

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From Joe Fresh to Frye: 7 Boots We Love!

We love ‘em! We want em! And, we need ‘em real bad after shiiit got real this morning when our canvas sneakers got drenched by a careless driver. Don’t make the same mistake we did, dear readers, dress yourselves appropriately for the chilly, wet outdoors. Here are some of our favourite boots that were built… Read More »

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Rock the Campfire: Off Duty Rocker Chic and Breezy Camper Cool Make for a Sizzling Summer Look

Whenever my friends talk about camp, the whole thing ends up being one giant nostalgia party. I always envied their summers spent up north, forging friendships and bracelets–while I sweltered in summer school. Between boondoggle bracelets, sticky s’mores and that perfect lived-in vintage tee, camp is an unexpected source of sartorial inspiration. Here are some… Read More »

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From the floral bouquets that line Ave and Dav to lavender lemonade at the Drake Hotel, Natasha finds inspiration in this season's pastel hues

It seems like the fashion world has been taking its cues from the scores of flowers that have been lining the outsides of small convenience stores in our city. Besides punchy brights, pastels have been another big trend for Spring/Summer 2011. No longer the terrain of childhood dresses and the easter bunny, these cute colours… Read More »

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