by Olga Barsky
The brand Doc Martens is ubiquitous in that it means something different to everyone.  So I couldn’t begin writing this piece until I looked up the shoe on, for a “professional” opinion. Unfortunately, the definition was predictable and guilty of “punk” overload. I did however enjoy their use of the word in a sentence:

“I went to the show last night and bootstomped some jackass with my Doc Martens.”

I’m not going to lie; that sentence stirred something special inside of me. I immediately knew I too wanted to bootstomp some jackass at a the Kathedral. Only one obstacle stood in my way: I don’t own a pair of Docs.

Luckily for me, NEON (391 Queen St. West) has a huge selection of Doc Martens starting from $109.99 – that’s $30 cheaper than anywhere else in town! In addition to the Docs – they also carry some wicked apparel labels like Dickies, Element, and Famous Stars & Straps.

But back to the Docs – the oldest shoe that’s new again?! Over the last year, Dr. Martens have made a comeback in a big way riding the coattails – or rather unfinished ratty hems – of the resurgence of grunge in fashion. The working class wonder of the 60’s, the Doc originally reinvented itself as the ultimate symbol of counter-culture in the 80’s as the punk movement migrated to America.

Relegated to hard-core users for the past while, the brand has re-emerged yet again in magazines from Nylon to sweet-as-pie Teen Vogue. They have most recently been spotted on the dainty feet of it-girl Agyness Deyn. If only those soles could talk…

So what’s new Doc? Well, here is a sampling of our favourite Docs currently available at Neon. All are equipped with the signature air cushioned sole that traps air between two layers of rubber polyurethane for the ultimate in comfort and longevity.